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Today was Softball Saturday
It was a beautiful day for ball.
That's my girl covering 3rd base...and her good friend Grace (on 3rd)
I really wish they would be on the same team some year.  Maybe when they are older and play for school.
Grace "is hardcore" - I told my mother-in-law as we were watching the game.  My husband agreed.  She's an awesome catcher.
Here's my girl on third.  Read to go!
This is Coach Smead.  He doesn't coach either of the teams that were playing today.  I am pretty sure he was there scouting for the All-Star league.  I not-so-secretly wish and pray that Alyssa is on his team each year.  We got him once.  He is awesome.  I think he might be the best coach I have ever encountered because he is super encouraging to his team.
He was showing our pitcher some moves.  See what I mean?  Who gives tips to other teams?!  He's awesome!
I was occupied by the game and conversation with my mother-in-law, when I realized I didn't see my husband or my youngest.  I turned around to see this....
I loved this
my boys = love
And after all of that....Vinny was thirsty
Super thirsty.  Then he came home and quickly passed out.  Good stuff!

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