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Miss Madison

Meet little Miss Madison...



Gosh, I love this kid to pieces.  We were trying to get her to make these faces.  She is so funny! 



I am requesting you keep her in your thoughts and prayers today as she undergoes open heart surgery. 

Below is a little something her mom wrote about her journey:


Madison was born with a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), which is basically a hole in between the chambers of her heart.  We have been monitoring this with Dr. Ghazali since birth.  Just until recently the hole was getting smaller and Dr. Ghazali was sure we were in the clear of not needing surgery.  On her routine checkup with him in August we learned her hole had gotten larger and required us to go to Indy for a consult.  Both doctors agreed that surgery was necessary for Maddie to have a good long life.  So we have started this journal for our family and friends to keep "in the loop" of our progress on this journey.  We welcome all thoughts in prayers for our little girl to have a safe and successful surgery and recovery.


I have no doubt we are going to hear great news today for this family!

We are thinking of you, Filler family!






I got to hang out with these two today.  Lucky me, they are my niece and nephew.

Twin baby

Twin babies

They are getting so big!  Before we know it, they will be running around.




I don't have to tell any of you, it has been a long winter.  It has been a record setting winter with amazing snowfall amounts and frigid temperatures.

Yesterday we had another big snow fall, keeping the kids home from school one more day.  Mother nature has forgotten to look at her calendar.

I've been in hibernation mode to the best of my abilities until recently.  I had an amazing opportunity to make an impromptu trip to New York City, one of my favorite places to be. 

I was able to shake off some cobwebs and see the city. 

So...here is my attempt to get back into the swing of things...

New York Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge

I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, just to say I did.  This a view from that hike. 

This is the beginning of many adventures this year.  I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

Until then, stay warm, friends!



This Christmas season I have been blessed to see "extended" family that I haven't seen in a while.  It has been a gentle reminder of where I came from and how much I am loved.

Meet the Kerr Family...


Family photos


These boys...you can tell they love each other to pieces. 


Family photos



Family photos

Dan and Amy, it was so nice to see you - and your parents, Amy!  What a treat!  You have a beautiful family.  I am already looking forward to seeing you all again. 








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sometimes it’s personal



I saw today coming a mile away.  I knew it was going to stir something inside of me, like it has every year for the past three.  Three years ago today we lost a friend of the family suddenly. 

"Suddenly" is gut-wrenching.  "Suddenly" shoves its way through everyday life, rudely interrupting the smallest tasks with grieving thoughts.   

That loss taught me that when life is taken without warning, it hurts.  The grieving process can potentially be ugly.  At the time of the loss, you begin to wonder if there will ever be a day that goes by that you don't think about the loss and everything it entails. 

These days, the hurt is less.  Some things will spark a bit of sadness, but not with the heaviness that existed before.  

I had a wonderful day today.  I had to think that he would be glad I did.  I went back and reflected on some great times.

Tarpon fishing

This was my very first fishing trip.  It made me fall in love with fishing.  It is an addiction.



Grouper fishing


Our last fishing trip...

Florida fishing

Father and son.


Tarpon fishing



Getting friendly with a manatee. 




I miss it.





Today we celebrate the life of Captain Angel Torres. 



41 bridge





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In the mix

It has been one wild and busy season for photography.  I am finally catching a breather from it all. 
Looking through some of my personal photographs, I found one that I loved from Halloween and thought I would share it.


Tattoos on Halloween


A visit to Dark Horse Tattoo Parlor on Halloween allowed me to capture artist Ted Sutaphong in action, dressed as a nerd.  I loved it! 


There will be more to come from that visit and lots of others, as I make my way back through all I have neglected this fall from my personal stash. 





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Ben + Jen = Pappert Wedding Bliss

I recently was lucky to shoot a wedding that was less like work and more like a lot of fun.  I have known the Pappert family for some time now and have grown to love them like family.  I met Cindy, Ben's mom, through work years ago.  I have heard her family stories about the boys throughout the years.  She means the world to me, so photographing her son's wedding was something I really looked forward to...

...then I met Jen.  She is a perfect addition to their family.  She is sweet, fun, and funny.  I knew the wedding was going to be amazing - and it was.

Wedding Photos Fort Wayne Tin Caps


I can't say enough about her bridesmaids.  There is no mistaking why she chose them to be in her wedding.  We had an absolute blast with all of them and from the looks of things; I think they had a good time too!


Fort Wayne Wedding Photos Tin Caps


Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps


There were a few tears...


Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps


{sorry to post that one, Jen...but I loved the emotion.  It makes me tear up just looking at it.}


The guys were equally fun...and funny.


Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps


The Brothers.


Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps


The love birds that made this wonderful family...



Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps

The ceremony and reception was held at Parkview Field where our local Tin Caps play baseball.  It ended up being a wonderful spot and the weather could not have been better. 


Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps


Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps


Did I mention that I adore this bridal party?!!


Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps



Everyone had THE best attitude.  Even when the requested "jump picture" had to be done ten times at least. 




Fort Wayne Wedding Tin Caps

The reception was a lively event.  Ben's dad gave a great speech, and Ben's brothers also killed it on their speech.


Fort Wayne Wedding Parkview Field


Jen's dad is no longer with us, so she danced with Ben's dad for the father/daughter dance. 


Fort Wayne Wedding Parkview Field


The way Jen and Ben looked at each other was infectious.  Everywhere I looked all day people were smiling and laughing.  It was a true testament to their love and the support they had from their family and friends. 


Fort Wayne Wedding Parkview Field




Fort Wayne Wedding Parkview Field


Ben and Jen, thank you so much for letting me photograph your big day.  It was wonderful, just like the two of you.  Best wishes now and forever.  You are both loved more than you know. 







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Senior – Homestead High School

Last week I was highlighting some seniors I have photographed lately.  About midway through the week I had to put reality on hold and head to Florida for my sister's wedding. 

It's time for me to step back into reality (and chilly temperatures), so I thought what better way to do ease back into things than to post Lincoln's senior pictures?

Meet Lincoln...


Homestead high school senior


It was such a treat for me to photograph him.  His mom has been my hairdresser for years.  We trade stories about our kids, so it was fun to finally put a face to the stories. 

I have heard all about his love for soccer and all of the fun times they have had with him playing travel soccer.  It was sweet to watch his mom get a little choked up at the reality of him being a senior; doing senior pictures.  (I don't look forward to that for my own kids!)


Homestead High School Senior

I could feel his energy and his want to play, just us being on the field, the ball in his hands. 

Being a mom of athletes myself, I know the excitement sports bring to the lives of my kids.  It was evident with him during our shoot too.  He is a goalie - one of the hardest positions, in my opinion. 


Homestead High School Senior


He is a great kid.  That is another thing I love about photographing seniors, they seem to let all the crap in their lives fall away for a second while we are shooting.  Their personalities shine through and every one of the seniors I have ever photographed show what fantastic people they are.  Lincoln was no exception. 


Thanks, Lincoln, for being such a trooper - shooting in very chilly weather!  You did an amazing job.  I look forward to hearing more stories about your soccer career and any other fantastic things you decide to do!  Your mom couldn't be more proud of you.





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\\ Senior Week \\

It's senior week here on the blog.


Today, meet Blake...


Senior photos Snider High School

I have had the pleasure of meeting Blake some time ago when doing his family's photos.  I love his family!  They are all awesome.  Whenever I photograph them, it is as if their mom has tirelessly worked with them about how to stand and smile for their pictures.  They all just know what to do.

Here they are...


Family photos in Fort Wayne

...sorry, I couldn't help myself. 


Blake was no different, he is easy going and fun.


Snider Senior photo


As with all of the seniors I photograph, I look forward to seeing what they do after high school.  I know I say this for all of them, but it is true - I am very proud of them.  High school is hard.  I wouldn't want to do it again.  


Snider High School Senior photos


Best wishes, Blake!  Your parents are extremely proud of you.  I am sure it won't be long and I will see you for the next set of family photos! 




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