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\\ Seniors \\

It is Senior Week here on the blog.  It's no secret seniors are my favorite subject to photograph.  This week I will be looking back at some 2014 graduates that have been with me recently. 


Meet Courtney...


Senior photos New Haven


We had an awesome time during her shoot.


She is an athlete at New Haven High School. 


Senior Photos New Haven


I had a great time talking sports with her.  She loves softball.  My daughter plays softball, so I know exactly what she means. 


Senior photos New Haven


What a beauty she is!


Senior photos New Haven


Best of luck in all you do, Courtney!  You are an amazing young woman!







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Chris + Rachel

Weather was threatening to be not so nice.  Rachel didn't care.  She was about to marry her best friend.  As a matter of fact, many issues could have popped up that day and it wouldn't have mattered to Rachel - as long as she was tying the knot with Chris, that is all that mattered. 

I am not sure if it was a stroke of luck, or if her laid back attitude welcomed it - but the rain subsided for a little bit - and just in time. 


Wedding photos Fort Wayne


Everyone was thrilled - and just like that, the day was perfect!


Wedding photos Fort Wayne


Rachel's maid of honor, Sarah, was a gem!  There are times I forget about what kind of role the maid of honor plays with me during the big day.  Sarah was amazing...and fun...and sweet...and kind...and funny...and I know why she was Rachel's maid of honor...


Wedding photos Fort Wayne

...because Sarah is awesome. 


Wedding Photos Fort Wayne


"Fighting" over the bride ;)


Wedding photos Fort Wayne



Wedding photos Fort Wayne


And then there was the reception...the day was so laid back and enjoyable for everyone.  It really shined through at the reception.  Everyone had such a good time.


Father Daughter dance wedding Fort Wayne


The Father and Daughter dance was amazing.


Wedding Photos Fort Wayne

I love photographing people dancing, having fun, and being intimate.


Wedding photos Fort Wayne


Wedding photos Fort Wayne


Wedding Photos Fort Wayne


Wedding Photos Fort Wayne


Wedding photos Fort Wayne


Sometimes, enough is enough...like for these two boys.  They crashed out!


Wedding Photos Fort Wayne


It was an amazingly wonderful day filled with family and friends.  Thank you, Chris and Rachel for having me photograph your special day.  The love you have for each other bursts at the seams and it doesn't go unnoticed.  Best wishes for you and your family always!


Wedding Photos Fort Wayne







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Time Out! Happy Birthday Shout Out!


Today I am taking a break from Sneak Peek Week to wish my step dad a Happy Birthday.  Not only that, but he gets huge props.  This man is a saint.  I am lucky to have had him in my life since I was very young.  I can't imagine what it is like to be a step parent.  I know it is not an easy job.  I know I made it a much harder job than it should have been, being a sassy bitch of a teenager. I know being married to my mom isn't always easy - love you, mom!!! - but I can say that because I have been a wife and my mom's blood is in my veins.  





He has done an amazing job.  He has always, always, ALWAYS, treated me not only like a daughter, but his daughter.  I never once felt like he favored my brother and sister over me because that is not how he works.  When I look back at some of my worst life moments, he's been there lifting me up and praying for me.  I have been on the phone with him many times when life has been trying and he will pray for me right then.  No one else has ever done that for me, and if no one has done that for you - you might be surprised at how powerful it is.  

He is a wonderful husband to my mom.  I never knew how important that was to me, but I am truly grateful for what he is to her.  Marriage is difficult.  Being a good spouse is hard.  Today I saw my mom wrote a Happy Birthday post to him on Facebook and he responded.  They both said how they were the loves of each other's lives.  I can't say enough how happy this makes me - for both of them.  They are an excellent example of what love is. 

Happy Birthday, Aaron!  I hope your year is filled with happiness with many more to come!  Oxoxoxoxo - Love you!







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New Haven Senior {sneak peek week}

Seniors are my absolute favorite assignment to have.  Don't get me wrong, I love weddings, babies, and families.  I have a special love for photographing seniors in high school.  There is a feeling about it; knowing these kids are on the threshold of their adult life.  They are about to have the world at their feet, to do with what they want.  I get excited for them.  I get to hear about what they are into and what they plan to do in the near future.


This is CJ...


New Haven Senior Photos


He's a senior at New Haven. 

He is also a drummer in a band.  They are already doing gigs "at places they maybe shouldn't be playing", says his mom.  I think it is great.  I am a huge fan of music and I have read many stories about "kids" playing in questionable venues when they begin their career.  You have to start somewhere. 

His mom had a great idea to bring this fabulous drum set out for our shoot.


New Haven Senior Photos

I love something different!  I got to hear all about the gigs they have played and the plans for the future.  I get excited for these kids and I think of everyone of them during graduation time. 


Thanks, CJ, for being such a good sport for our shoot!  Best of luck to you in all you do!







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Andrus Family {sneak peek}

I know I have said this before and I will say it again, but I have the best clients.  This is the Andrus Family.  I met them a couple years ago when their son was born.  I have had the privilege of taking their photos ever since.


Here is the little man now, a big 2 years old!



Photo of 2 year old boy


I can't get over how smart he is.  When we were out on our shoot, he would hear an animal and name it by what he heard. 


This little family = total sweetness.


Family photos


I loved this shot of the matching Converse...


Converse photo



Thank you, Kyle and Jasmine...and Jakob!  Seeing you all is always a treat!





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{Sneak Peek Week}

I have been spending a ton of time behind the camera with my amazing clients lately and not so much time on the blog.  This week you get to see what I have been up to. 


Meet the Guenin Family...


Fort Wayne Family Photos


We had a fun time at Concordia Seminary.  It was a beautiful day.


Speaking of beautiful, these girls...


Family Photos Concordia Seminary Fort Wayne


...so lovely!


This little sweetie with her pumpkin was so cute and so funny!  This hasn't been my first shoot with her.  She's a big sister now.  I love watching my client's families grow.


Family Photos Concordia Seminary



Thank you, Guenin Family, for letting me spend a beautiful fall morning with you!  I am already looking forward to next time.  






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For Fun

I had a moment today, while editing photos, when I remembered I take photos for fun too.  I have fun most of the time I am shooting, but I also take a few "out of the box" photos for fun.


Like this one that I forgot I took until I saw it again.


Cutie pie photos


I was on the ground, getting his sister set in a pose, looked up and saw this cutie pie and took the shot because....how cute is he, really?!! 


I love these "surprise" photos.  They are like little gifts, just for me.  It makes me smile when I am working, and I will gladly welcome that anytime.


More photos of the Guenin family coming soon!


Happy Sunday!







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Cake Smash | sneak peek

Meet sweet little Coraline.  She turned a year old recently.  We did a cake smash shoot with her and had so much fun.  I couldn't help but post a quick sneak peek of some cuteness.


Cake smash pictures

Soooo yummy!!


And then.....



sooooo sweet!



I cannot get over that face!  I think I might have squealed with delight when I saw these.  She's just too cute for words!


Cake smash photo


Check back later for more of the cuteness that is Miss Coraline!




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Luckett Family

I had the honor of photographing the Luckett family last week.  I have known them for about 11 years, but haven't seen them for a long time.  Their son and my oldest son are the same age, so it was a real treat for me to see them.


This had to be my favorite series of pictures from the shoot.  This wasn't prompted, it was just Issac having fun.  I loved it.


Family photos


Family photos


And then we had some fun...


Funny family photos

Mom and dad smooching?!!  GROSS!!!  :)


What a gorgeous family!


Family Photos


Thank you, Mike and Janelle, for spending an evening with me.  I had a blast!  You guys are great!  Your kids are amazing. 





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this girl…

I have found that I am at the point in my life where people have come and gone and waltzed right back into my life again.

This is Miss Abby. 


Fort Wayne photographer

I worked with her mom before Abby came to be.  I saw Abby a few times as a baby.  Then life happened and we lost touch.  That was quite possibly seven years ago. 


Then one day this spring, I saw her mom again.  I love the moment something like that happens.  I was excited to see her again and we picked up where we left off like no years had passed.  A sign of a truly good friend. 


Since then, I had seen pictures of Abby.  She is obviously gorgeous and I told her mom I had to photograph her. 


Fort Wayne photographer

Abby and I hit it off.


I wanted to take her home with me!  I made such threats to her mom.  I am allowed to do that anytime I want.  :)


Fort Wayne photographer

I got questions from Abby like....


Do you like photography? ....  Do you have kids? ...  Are you Catholic?...

Fort Wayne photographer


I love kid questions.  They make me melt.  And so she had me in her hands.  


Fort Wayne photographer

No doubt we will be getting together again.

I am sure you will see Miss Abby featured again here soon!

Thank you, Jen for letting me capture her beauty.  She looks just like her mom!

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